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Welcome to a better way to work

123OFC is the comprehensive business software solution for managing your customers and projects in the cloud.

123OFC is very adaptable and we can put together a package that suits your business, keeps everything in one place and generally makes life easier. Focus less on admin and more on what you really want to do, even when working from home.

As your business changes and new projects come along, so you can add to 123OFC and develop your system to meet your growing business needs.

Ask Yourself

Are you looking for something more than a “quick fix”?

Would you like someone to truly understand how you do things, and then make software that is tailored for you?

Have you tried other software, but it just doesn’t fit YOUR business?

Are you tired of adapting your way of working to suit the software?

Do you want more time to do what you do best?

Would you like to reduce the time you take doing the things that stop you doing your “real work”?

Would you like to access all of your business data from anywhere?

Are you wasting time travelling to the office to amend that quote? Or calling the office to check something?

Is paperwork getting you down?

Are you a business who are great at what you do, but a little disorganised when it comes to paperwork?

Is creating estimates time consuming?

Do you spend more time creating estimates than you would like?

Do you find it tiring keeping your customers happy?

When you’ve won work, do you struggle to keep your customers updated with your progress?

Are you tired of continual interruptions?

Would you like a way to share your progress without interruption to your work?

Is raising invoices a bit of a pain?

Would you like a simple way to invoice when the work is done?

Would you like to take payments online?

Would you like to be paid by credit or debit card?

Would you like a better idea of how accurate your estimates are?

Would you like to keep track of time spent on jobs?

Are you sometimes not sure how things are going?

Would you like to see at a glance how your company is doing?

We can help

If you have answered some of these with a yes, then 123OFC can help you.

Why not give it a go? We will help you all along the way to get up and running, so you can do things smarter.

Our 3 step process


The Consultation

We start with a simple form to start to get to know your business, with a view to understanding how you do things, and where your pain points are. Then, we'll plan with you the best way our tools can help.


Building Period

We will build your toolset for your business, you can be as involved as you like in the definition of the toolset we create, and don't worry, if you need to add capability later on thats no problem. We will help you every step of the way.


The Handover

Once your toolset is ready, it's all yours. Don't worry, we will help you learn how to use your new tools and we can even train your staff too. And of course we are always available for any support you need.

No More Chaos!

Running a business of any size can be chaotic at times. Our tools enable you to remove the chaos and improve efficiency, and productivity. You could say bringing Order From Chaos is as easy as 123.


Some of the businesses we help.