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Why use 123OFC?

Manage Projects

123OFC makes project management simple. Monitor the tasks of different team members, track time on each task and get timesheet. Send invoices for the project to your clients and take payment online.

Add tasks for your projects, assign to team members and add multiple collaborators. Set deadlines, check status and activity logs. Team members can comment and attach files.

Mention users in comments with @ so they get instant notifications. Easily create multiple tasks and clone similar tasks. Manage tasks by list and drag & drop in Kanban or Gantt view.

Create recurring tasks automatically.

Make Estimating simple
Estimate requests

Create estimate request forms according to your services and get estimate requests from leads and your customers.


Send estimates to your clients based on their estimate request or the service you provide for them. Send estimate email with pdf and get approval from your clients. Create projects from the estimates and convert the estimates into invoices.

Make Invoicing easier

Add your custom invoices and send email with attached invoice pdf to your clients. Supports different currency for different clients. Get records of your invoices and filter by different status. Set multiple taxes in the invoices. Change the invoice colour and logo to match with your brand. Set custom footer in the pdf for additional information.

Set recurring invoices to auto generate monthly, yearly or different time periods. Send the invoices automatically and reduce admin work.

Look after your Customers

Manage your customers. You can allow customers to register or add your customers manually. Get detailed information about contacts, projects, invoices, payments, estimates, estimate requests, support tickets, essential files, events and notes for each client. You can allow your clients to use the client portal. Each client will get individual dashboard to see their projects, invoices and other information. Let your clients follow up the projects and get feedback instantly. Set permissions for the clients to limit their access.

You can communicate with clients via messages and chat. Set the permissions for which team members can communicate with clients. See online status of your clients.

Manage potential customers and follow up their status. Auto collect leads form public estimate request. Add notes, files and events, easily convert leads into customer with all existing information.

Let your clients create support tickets and get notifications by web and email. Auto generate tickets from customer emails. Assign tickets to team members, reply with attachment. Manage customer support in one place.

Create knowledge base articles for you clients and mange customer support more efficiently. Create different categories for knowledge base to help customers solve their problems without asking for support.

Keep your Finances in order

Track all your expenses and get project and team members cost overview. Check expenses of different categories and compare income vs expenses.

Take online payments via Stripe, PayPal and Paytm. You can enable or disable the partial payments option. Generate payment confirmation notification and mark the invoice paid automatically.

Keep your own things in order

Create your personal events list and share events with team members and clients. Integrate google calendar and stay synced. See upcoming events in dashboard.

Store your private notes and attach files. Add useful tags to notes and find easily. Create public notes for projects and allow access to the project members.

Create your personal to do list and manage your work more efficiently. Don’t forget to do any important task and stay focused on daily work. Each team member and client can add their personal to do list.

Change your dashboard views, add multiple dashboards using many predefined widgets. There are different types of useful widgets which you can use for your different types of dashboards. Design your own dashboard layout by drag & drop the widgets. Add your custom widgets and third party embedded widgets.

Every user can choose their default language. 12 languages currently supported.

Keep Everyone on the same page

Create internal knowledge base for your team members. Add different articles for different types of rules and information.

Create announcements for your team members and clients and publish on their dashboard.

Share ideas and documents with your team members. Add essential links and news to improve your team growth.

Send direct messages to your team members. Create multiple conversations based on different topics. Reduce waiting time for feedback and make project management faster.

Manage your people

Manage attendance of your team members by time cards. You can set IP restrictions for time card access so that team member can’t log their time from outside of office.

Manage your team members leave applications. Check total leave taken by each team member. Add different leave categories. Approve or reject leave applications. Set supervisors for different team or team members.

Add your team members and set different roles for different members. Manage their accounts and get overall information in one place. All team members can access their dashboard based on their permissions.

Get the details about team members activities in different projects. Monitor everything your team members are doing and stay up to date.

And More..

Never lose something important. Search projects, tasks, clients and more.

Get notifications for all important actions including task creation, comments, tickets, messaging etc. You can enable or disable all notifications and set who’ll get which notifications.

Enable/disable the modules according to your needs. There are lots of features and you may not be interested to use all of them. You can easily disable the unnecessary features.

Customisable email templates, add your custom design and content.

Add custom fields to clients, contacts, leads, projects, tasks, team members, tickets, invoices, events, expenses and estimates, tailor 123OFC to save additional information according to your needs.

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